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Language groups

Are you interested in contributing to #Feneas, either via blogging or in other ways, but find the English #language a barrier?

We're in the process of setting up a process for language groups within Feneas. Working groups where our community can collaborate in their own language in smaller groups. This will at minimum include a mailing list, chat room, forum category and most likely a namespaced #blog area.

If interested, have a peek into the discussion and give your thoughts:

#fediverse #federation #community
Re #ServiceInfo, latest updates in the #Feneas forum:

#fediverse #federation #nodeinfo
There is a PR with a lot of modifications, including name change to ServiceInfo.

I will be additionally doing the discovery changes discussed above tomorrow. Then I hope to produce a single HTML document for the spec instead of two separate markdown docs. After that, will be pushing for discussion to various places like project issue trackers and the W3C SocialCG group.

Feedback welcome.
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